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I HAVE A NEW SITE! (this site will stop getting updated)

By Alex Cequea 18 , Nov 2013

Dear friends, here’s the link to my new awesome site. Thank you for following me at Against improbable odds, I’ve managed to get about one thousand unique visitors to.. Read More →


Watch Live: Guinness World Record for Longest Speech Marathon

By Alex Cequea 07 , Jun 2013

Watch live as I attempt a Guinness World Record for Logest Speech starting at 11:00 am CST on Saturday, June 8th, which is also my birthday. If everything goes according to plan, I will break the record.. Read More →



By Alex Cequea 31 , May 2013

Hello everyone, below is the official press release of my Guinness World Record Attempt happening on June 8th, which is my birthday. You’ll be able to watch it live here, or through my Facebook page.. Read More →


Preparing for Guinness World Record Attempt For Longest Speech (Happening in 48 Days)

By Alex Cequea 22 , Apr 2013

Well, that was weird. In preparation for my Guinness World Record attempt on June 8th for Longest Speech Marathon, where I will speak for 34 hours straight, I tried to stay up for 34 hours to see how it.. Read More →


How to Use Public Speaking to Enhance Your Career [Interview with Daniel W. Rasmus]

By Alex Cequea 14 , Apr 2013

Dan Rasmus got into public speaking through his job. Now now he’s a professional speaker, and his speaking fees represents a good chunk of his yearly income. Dan writes for Fast Company, PopMatters,.. Read More →


3 Presentation Skills You Can Learn From Brené Brown’s TED talk: The Power of Vulnerability

By Alex Cequea 08 , Apr 2013

I’ve watched this TED talk by Brené Brown many times. It’s the type of presentation that resonates on a deep level, and you can’t help but to share with friends and family. Brené shares.. Read More →


Guinness World Record Update (Plus Other Life-Altering Realizations)

By Alex Cequea 31 , Mar 2013

(If this is your first time reading about my upcoming Guinness World Record attempt, please read my previous post, Why I’m Attempting a Guinness World Record.)   Purpose. We talk about it,.. Read More →

Seth Braun

How to Book 20 Speaking Gigs in 30 Days [Interview with Seth Braun]

By Alex Cequea 23 , Mar 2013

Seth Braun booked 20 paid presentations in 30 days, and he’s here today to tell us how he did it. Seth is a professional speaker, coach, author, and good friend. Today he talks about his experience,.. Read More →


How Do You Use LinkedIn to Get More Speaking Gigs? [Interview with Jeff Zelaya]

By Alex Cequea 17 , Mar 2013

How do you use Linked In to maximize your visibility and get more paid speaking gigs? Today I’m speaking with Jeff Zelaya, a young speaker who has the unique distinction of being LinkedIn’s.. Read More →

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